Our Product Overview

We have a range of products in Aluminium and copper base alloy castings. In Aluminium we can do up to 50 Kgs of single piece castings by sand casting method and 15 Kgs of single piece castings by die casting method. There is no minimum weight specification. Very small intricate castings can also be manufactured by us .

Castings can be manufactured to any international specifications and if the alloy is not available in the market we can make our own alloy. We cater to Automobile, Electrical, Electronics, Valve manufacturers, Medical machinery and equipment manufacturers and to other defence applications. We also make gravity die Aluminium round blanks from 95mm dia to 305 dia of varying thickness from 10mm to 40mm for diamond tools manufacturers. We also produce Alumnium die cast heat sinks for rectifier and also for LED fitting manufacturers.

Aluminium Castings

Aluminum Castings are needed in several industries. This type of casting has with success replaced iron casting because it reduces component's weight by 1/3. Lot of car manufacturers and other producers are looking for fields wherever they may replace iron parts with Al parts. In changing into Aluminium a number of important options and benefits are light-weight, corrosion resistance, retains strength at high temperatures, high dimensional stability, high electrical and thermal conductivity, the overall reduction in product weight , the freight charges etc. So Aluminium casting utilization is bound to increase in the future since all major industries are switching over to Aluminium.

Bronze Castings

Customers are seeking precise, light-weight and best quality bronze casting parts in line with the trend for valves, bushes, sleeves, and electrical equipment's. We can supply leak proof, best quality Non-ferrous castings to international specifications.

We have a wide range of Bronze sand and die castings used in valve manufacturers and by electrical equipment manufacturers. We are also manufacturing Bronze bushes to various sizes used for lot of applications in the industries.

Metals & Castings has one of the most modern state-of-the-art Integrated manufacturing plants manufacturing specialized castings and high precision sand and gravity castings for the Oil & Gas Fertilizer, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power and for Refineries.

Sand casting​s

​We manufacture castings using the modern techno​logy methods. Our castings are excellent in quality and to the right chemical composition and physical properties. We make very intricate small and thin walled castings . We are manufacturing specialized castings and high precision sand ​castings for various applications. We have exported castings to US, France and Singapore.

Die Castings

We are ​one of the ​ notable leading makers and suppliers of Al gravity Die Casting to our clients. Our Al gravity Die Casting has totally different industrial functions, and innovative technology. This aluminium Gravity Die Casting is well checked by our professionals on delivery and the very best quality product to the clients.​

Our specialty is we can make 3 mm wall thickness of Aluminium gravity die castings. ​We make die casting blanks from 95 mm dia to 305 mm of varying thickness from 10 mm to 40 mm. It is mainly used by diamond tool manufacturing companies. We also make die castings used in granite polishing machines.